Fire Management

Fire management in Nyae Nyae Conservancy

The Community Based Fire Management Training Manual was developed as a component of the natural resource management capacity building programme of the Nyae-Nyae Conservancy and Community Forest and N≠a Jaqna Conservancy in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia.

Conservation Projects - Fire Management

Community Based Fire Management (CBFiM) is where the community play an integral role in the management of fire throughout the landscape. As the majority of Otjozondjupa Region is communal land effective fire management depends on the Otjozondjupa Community.

This manual is a guide for communities to Plan, Develop and Implement a Fire Management Program on communal land in Otjozondjupa Region.

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The Community Based Fire Management (CBFiM) Manual was funded by:

Namibian Government

Logo Embassy

German Namibian Cooperation